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Guidance to find accommodation

One of the most important things that you need to decide once you know you are going to study in France is where you will live while you are there. France has numerous housing options available to students, but not all of them are created the same. We give you options to choose from before you leave so that you are prepared with a great place to call home while you are studying.

Help with your Travel Arrangement

As you know, your education will extend far beyond what you learn in the classroom. Preparing for an overseas adventure is really an education in itself, taking care of all details with regard to admissions offices, enrollment procedures, immigration, transferring funds etc. and this is where we come in to give you the necessary assistance before your trip.

Comprehensive information on French education system and lifestyle

We provide you with valuable and comprehensive information on the French education system and also groom you for a successful study stay in France.

Pre-departure orientation

Our pre-departure orientation program provides information sessions focused on academic life, immigration regulations, health care, employment, and much more.

Communication with French universities

You don't need to go through the hustle of contacting universities in France. We have the expertise and resources to do it on your behalf.

Study counselling

Our counseling service will provide you with support in the decision-making process, with study issues and in planning your educational career.

Assistance to gain admission in the French university of your choice

Apart from communicating with French university on your behalf, our team will also help you to gain admission to any university of your choice.

Guidance to find a part time jobs in France

If applicable and in accordance with French immigration laws our team could help you secure a part time job.

Guidance and support with your visa application

As an international student you will need to make sure you successfully apply for a visa before you move abroad to study. Each study destination will have its own requirements and each visa will carry its own rules and restrictions. We provide you with guidance and support for a successful visa application.

On arrival service

Arriving in a new country for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially if you're alone. That's why we provide on arrival reception service when you arrive, to welcome you to France. Our representative will meet you at the airport, bus terminal or train station and take you to your accommodation and also give you every assistance you need.

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