About FEC

The “French Experience Consult” (FEC) is the first Franco-Ghanaian education agency specialized in the promotion of French higher education in Ghana.  We offer Ghanaian students interested in learning French or studying in France a tailor-made education counseling and support for admission and visa processes.

Who We Are

“French Experience Consult” (FEC) is a study abroad agency specialized in French Higher Education. We provide African students with valuable and comprehensive information on the French education system and also groom them for a successful study stay in France and beyond. FEC was founded in 2018 by two Ghanaian graduates who studied and lived in France.

We partner top universities and certified language learning centres in France. Several French Higher Education Institutions have appointed us as their representative in Africa, so we can directly liaise with them for admission of African applicants. We have teams based in both Ghana & France to work with applicants.

Our Mission

Our team is committed to providing prospective students tailor-made education counselling and assisting them gain admission in Technical and professional programmes offered by French Higher Education Institutions. We are committed to making your application experience hassle free and the choice of your programme impactful.

Our Vision

To become a leading stakeholder in the training of a new generation of African skilled workforce and highly skilled professionals in French Universities and Tertiary Institutions.

“We were international students in France too. We are graduates from Paris Sorbonne University and Strasbourg University”

Peter, Co-Founder

Meet Our Team

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