Finance and Scholarship

  Where can I apply for a scholarship?

There are many scholarships available different in various criteria:

·        Paying authority (French government, foundation, company, etc.)

·        Target audience (students in PhD, Masters’ course, etc.)

·        Recipient’s nationality

·        Amount of the scholarship

·        Duration of the scholarship

For additional information regarding, check out CampusBourses tool:

Regarding French government scholarships:

Scholarship applications accepted by the French government are filed at the cultural service of the French embassy of your country of residence.

Criteria to choose applicants depend on the cooperation programs concluded between the French government and the authorities of the country concerned. Scholarships are generally granted to high level students (masters’ or PhD). The duration of the project depends on the project. Applications are processed in the month of March preceding the academic start of year, so you should file your application as early as possible.